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Target and Vision

We aim to prepare the next generation of crew. Creating a community of highly trained professionals allows us to elevate the standards of operations onboard and ashore. These professionals will in turn become the tutors of the next generation of seamen. We offer competitive fee structures and a 24/7 response team able to provide everything you expect from a top tier manning agency.

Who we are?

No matter what type of Ships you operate we can provide competent and fully qualified Seamen, We are dedicated Crew Managers since 1998 fully acredited by POEA and certified as per higher available standards with: POEA-015-SB-020116-R-MLC Licence, Marina Certificate 186-17-03-08-0046, B.V. ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management B.V. MLC 2006 Attestation of compliance. OSHS LLCS-OSHS-2015-NCR-000172 DOLE Certificates of Compliance.

What we do?

With more than 150 years presence and accumulated knowledge in Shipping Business and 20 years undisrupted presence in Ship's Crew Manning Industry, we understand the needs of a modern fleet and can provide our Principals with the best manpower available, selected under our strict and efficient evaluation system. But our services don't stop there. By utilizing the best training tools and sources in the market, we keep upgrading our crew to meet even the most demanding standards. We offer our services with a variety of very competitive and flexible solutions which can be tailored to meet the size, type and needs of your Fleets. Additionally, we offer an optional unique added value package, covering various aspects including, CTM, Agency fees, Audits and inspections, Surveys, Training solutions on board and a shore etc. Our highly qualified personnel will discuss with you and propose the best available solution for you to select.


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Quality Policy

Laurel Carriers Philippines, Inc., offers Ship-owners quality services by providing well trained and highly skilled Filipino seafarers thereby ensuring safe ship operations, sound working practices, cargo safety and protection of marine environment. The Company shall continually improve the Company Quality Management System that is globally acceptable to meet our Ship-owners needs and requirements. In doing so, LCPI, adhere to all relevant national and international rules and regulations specifically, the International Maritime Organization; STCW’95 Convention, SOLAS, MARPOL 73/78 and the Maritime Labour Convention 2006.

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