We are a data collecting and processing agency. We collect personal data from candidates-seafarers, for the sole purpose of conducting our business 
of recruiting seafarers to shipping companies. All our seafarers are from the Philippines and therefore their data is regulated by NDP. A full 
explanation of our data handling system can be found here.

Data we will collect:


	1.	Full Personal details and travel documents copies.
	2.	Seaman’s book copies and all required seafarers required certificates for International sailing Vessels.
	3.	Background details such as travel permissions, certificate verification by Authorities, family status details.
	4.	Contacts of candidates and their immediate siblings.
	5.	Social security numbers and other insurance related data
	6.	Bank account numbers and allotees banking information.
	The data collected will be duly maintained and updated from time to time as long as we have the permission of the data holder to include into our 
system.This data is collected for the sole purpose of introducing the seafarer to our overseas clients and contract of employment upon client’s approval.
In case that the seaman is not employed through our system he has the right to request in writing to be excluded and will delete him from our system and 
any further references. Otherwise his data will be automatically deleted from our system if remained idle for more than 12 months. 

	The data collected will remain in our physical servers under the control and responsibility of our registered DPO (Data Protection Officer). Access 
to seafarer’s data have the personnel engaged with each of the procedures of proposal and recruiting under the responsibility of our DPO. Temporary 
access to the seafarer’s data will be granted to our registered clients for recruiting purposes during proposal and full access when hired. After the 
completion of his contract some seafarers’ data will be allowed to remain in client’s disposal for legal purposes, statistical and historical analysis for
a period not exceeding 36 months. At any stage a seafarer who is not under any contract can apply the rights given to him under NDP and/or GDPR for 
European residents.


	We also collect personal data of our clients some of them being EU residents with the sole purpose of complying with Authorities for accreditation, 
contractual obligations and legal/insurance issues. This data is collected only in full consent and kept in our servers, under 24/7 surveillance on 
premise, locked and accessible only by our trained staff and our registered DPO to NDP. Copy of clients’ data is always kept on our web application 
available to each client under a unique security password for each individual client to extract or modify according to his discretion. Historical data
might also be kept under the same conditions. When a client has been discontinued all personal data will be destroyed unless required to be listed by 
regulating authorities and financial controllers, however some items might be foundin contracts and POA executed which are kept forlegal purposes only. 
Statistical data remained in our records does not contain any individual client’s personal details. Such data will be stored in our files for not less
than 36 months.

We collect:

	1.	Personal information and passport details of Managers and company’s officials for the purpose of signing official contracts and
		accreditation with Authorities.
	2.	Banking details and accounting information for arranging payments and receivables.
	3.	Accredited Vessel’s full crew information for contractual and authorities’ requirements.
	All data is kept in our physical servers under the responsibility of our DPO.
	Clients have access to their data on 24/7 via our Web application and they have full access to monitor, modify, complete partially or in full. 
When they are engaged in a contract with LCPI such data cannot be deleted and is controlled by our DPO. 


We collect:

	1.	Personal details
	2.	Accounting information
	For conducting commercial business some personal data is required to be collected from Vendors and other Providers. This data will remain in our 
servers for not less than 36 months or longer period as mandated by Regulating Authorities.


	We use Internationally Regulated tools for providing various psychometrics and competence metrics as required for career planning and according to
client’s standards and International Regulations of sea-based personnel. We use providers for remote training tools and modules. All our providers are 
bind with a data exchange agreement with us and they comply with GDPR requirements and International data protection rules and practices. Specific data 
is exchanged on the purpose of training and evaluation and this includes Names and addresses, demographic data and individual test results for each 
individual. This data is limited only to required minimum and remains to the designated file of each seafarer. The seafarers receive a copy of their 
tests and results and they have the right  to ask for data removal “the right to be forgotten”. Such requirement remains unpenalized and results only to
a complete removal of Seafarer’s data from our system. From time to time we exchange candidates’ data with affiliated companies for the purpose of 
facilitating candidates hiring on board. This is done after obtaining seafarers consent and any information in respect of transferred amount and type of
exchanged data is available to each candidate upon request. Our affiliates by  accepting such data are bound with the same responsibilities and rules 
with us for further data handling of each candidate.

	Laurel Carriers Philippines Inc. does not sell, distribute or give in any form and for any purpose any personal data collected under her legal 
conduct of operations to any party accept as requested/mandated by Authorities and Regulating bodies, for legal purposes and claims.

	This data control policy is copyrighted and part of our internal QMS Quality Management System. This policy is from time to time updated to conform 
with latest rules and regulations. All our clients should enter this area from time to time for acknowledging the updated version of this policy. We any 
amendments to this policy will be announced in our web page and our social media pages.

	By entering your personal data in the corresponding field(s) of our platform you fully accept our policies and you agree with all rules as stated 
	For any further information for our data handling policy the responsible person DPO for Laurel Carriers Philippines Inc. can be found below.

	DPO: Mr Kurt Kenji Lopez